Carite Sport is a Danish, family-held company founded in 1934, and we still have the same goal: to provide the highest standards within design, quality and functionality.
Our collection is designed for physical exercise and therefore it is meeting the specific needs of Fitness, Spinning, Pump, Funk, Dance, and Gymnastics.

The Carite Mindset

We aim to bring women’s ”State of Mind” into focus.
- Therefore we have arranged our collection into three mindsets: Perform, Mind & Shape.

Perform - for the focused female athlete demanding self-discipline, success and freedom. Focus on performance, distance, time and calorie consumption. Sports wear must be functional and provide a feeling of efficiency.

Mind - for the women seeking inner strength and peace. Focus on stability, endurance and harmony. Sports wear must be comfortable and follow the motion of the body.

Shape - for the women wanting the perfect shape. Focus on body and muscles. Shape women want to be seen and often participate in group workouts.

The Carite collection also includes:
Girl Sport

Up to size 50
Everybody deserves to look great and feel fit. That is why our best styles are produced up to size 50. Carite has no particular plus size collection. By offering the same style in both size 36 and size 50, all styles are constructed to fit individual sizes and shapes.